GYMJOE is for anyone into exercise, fitness, dieting and nutrition. It’s managed by me – Joe – and I’ll update it with possible sessions, workouts, meals, meal plans or anything else I can think of about keeping fit. You should subscribe and follow!

I started this page with the plan to use it as motivation. The idea was to record my progress (or lack of progress), enabling me to keep my fitness focus. At the moment, fitness and well being is only a passion of mine but fitness and well being are areas that I am also considering entering into professionally.

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Everyone should have targets. Mine are below:

Squat – 180kg (just below parallel) by July 2018 (current 155kg)

Bench – 120kg (no spot or lift off) by July 2018 (current 107.5kg)

Dead lift – 220kg by July 2018 (current 195kg)

To complete a Sprint Triathlon by September 2018

Reduce my body fat to less than 10% (current unknown)