WOD #7 (Back day) 


4 X 10 pull ups, with strict one minute recovery

4 X 10 deadlifts @ 100kg (2-3 minute recovery)

T Bar Row – pyramid (10@45kg, 8@50kg, 6@55kg, then back down. 2 minute recovery).

Shoulder Shrugs – 4 X 8 @30kg each arm. 2 minute recovery. 


First proper back day (i.e. including deadlifts) in a while. Lower back was trembling a little afterwards! At least I had my new protein shaker, courtesy of NutriBullet to help me out. It’s like i’m sponsored! (See pic above). My grip held out too. 

This is pretty much my go-to back day. Pull ups and deadlifts are integral so I try to maximise time and effort spent on them. 


WOD #6 (1/9/2017) (arm day)


Skull crushers (4 X 10 @ 35kg with Z bar)
Weighted dip machine (5 X 10 @ 80kg)

Tricep pull down (Pyramid: 12 X 20kg, 25kg, 30kg, 25kg, 20kg)

Pull ups and chin up routine (3 X 10 pull ups, 3 X 8 chin ups. Strict one minute recovery)

Dumbell curls (4 X 10 @ 16kg each arm)

I’m back in Powerbase, Loughborough! Easily the best gym i’ve ever been in, and i’ve been a member for four years now. On top of all this, they’ve kitted the place out with loads of new equipment. It looks incredible (see above).

Notice how I start my arm day with triceps. I read a bodybuilding.com article which listed common mistakes and reasons why we fail to reach new PRs and PBs in the gym. One reason which stood out to me was the order that we do things in the gym. According to the article, you should start each workout with the most important exercise for you on that day. Sounds obvious really, but sticking to this basic rule can be quite tricky. Why do biceps before triceps? Triceps are a larger muscle and as important as bis for other exercises!

The dip machine was great to use. A lot easier to do weighted dips with and you don’t have to be a wolly wearing a weighted belt. I think its also easier to maintain good form with than the body weight alternative. Great new addition to the gym!

WOD #5 (1/8/2017)


4X20 50 kg back squats (max 2 minute recovery)

4X20 50kg bench press (max 3 minute recovery)

4X8 50kg military press (max 3 minute recovery)

Bicep barbell curl declining pyramid from 50kg (each set to failure, decrease each set by 10kg, 2 minute recovery)


One thing I always do if I fail to complete a set is drop the weight or the amount of reps per set immediately. Rather than see it as a failure, i try to see it as a success as it shows i’m working at my max. Rather than risk real damage or throw in the towel, drop the weight or reps (not both) and stay at max work rate.

WOD #4 – (30/7/2017) #PCP (Pull up, chin up, pump)


3 X 12 pull ups followed by 3 X 10 chin ups (1 minute 30 recovery)

6 X 3 dragon flags (1 minute 30 recovery)

4 X 10 pistol squats (both legs) (1 minute 30 recovery)


The pull up, chin up routine (#PCP) is good for a bicep pump. When properly working out in the gym, I usually start my full arm day with this routine.

I’m now up to doing 18 dragon flags per session. When I move up to 20 reps, I will switch to 5 X 4 per set.


Tomato and prawn linguine with green beans and broccoli


King prawns, Italian tomato pasata, cherry tomatoes, linguine pasta, green beans, broccoli (oregano / basil / salt / pepper / garlic for garnish)


All of the ingredients can be used to personal taste. Personally, I add loads of the main attraction – prawns – but hold back a lil on the pasata.