Fitness: Running #1 (31/72017)


20 minute steady continuous run (5 – 10 minute recovery)

6 X 200m reps fast (2 minute recovery)


Fitness: Triathlon (sprint) training – getting started with the swim

Swimming has always been a big problemo for me. I don’t know what it is – I’ve always struggled with swimming. Finishing a triathlon is therefore a serious long term goal of mine. I’ve been running long distances since young, which pretty much covers me for the cycle (probably), so I should be able to handle the swim, right? Wrong. The swim is the one hurdle left in my way to triathlon success.

My swimming has improved a bit since starting at Loughborough University (‘improved’ as in I now wouldn’t drown immediately after falling into water). After talking to a few experts, and after researching a bit online, I’ve narrowed my swimming woes down to one thing – technique. Apparently, technique and form really matters in swimming and here are some of the basics I will be working on over the next couple of months:

  • The bum must remain UP and the head face DOWN as much as possible.
  • To breathe, you should rotate your shoulders, not your head.
  • Kicking and leg action should come through the glutes.
  • The elbows should remain wide and up, allowing you to catch the water with your forearms.

In my next few swimming sessions, I’m going to focus on bum and head placement as much as possible. When I feel like I’m on top of this, I’ll add in the correct breathing motion, then correct kicking action, etc. I’ve already done a swimming session in which I focused on bum and head placement and I definitely noticed less fatigue straight away.

Currently, I’m working on swimming up to or over 600m per session (with 100m rests). Ideally, I need to be swimming over 1000m in a pool to be ready for a 800m sprint triathlon swim. Big targets!

(For anyone interested, I found the above ideas from which was really useful).



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