Peppered salmon and chickpea, tomato, green bean and spinach salad, with a side of new potatoes


Sources of protein: salmon, chickpeas, spinach



Tomato and prawn linguine with green beans and broccoli


King prawns, Italian tomato pasata, cherry tomatoes, linguine pasta, green beans, broccoli (oregano / basil / salt / pepper / garlic for garnish)


All of the ingredients can be used to personal taste. Personally, I add loads of the main attraction – prawns – but hold back a lil on the pasata.

Nutrition – Sacrifices (war against bacon)

One of my goals is to reach less than 10% body fat. I estimate that I’m around 15% now given all the running and exercise I already do.

I’ve always eaten well, and my meal plans are mostly lean and balanced, so rather than adopt a boring, bland, tasteless diet to achieve this goal, I’ve decided to makeĀ sacrifices. One sacrifice I made ages ago was removing crisps and butter from my diet. Recently, I’ve also removed sugary and diet fizzy drinks, as well as sausages and bacon (I’ll miss the last two very much!).

Sacrifice something you can live without, not something that you love, enjoy or feel you need. You can always have these foods again as treats or rewards in the future!



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