Fitness: Running #1 (31/72017)


20 minute steady continuous run (5 – 10 minute recovery)

6 X 200m reps fast (2 minute recovery)


Nutrition – Sacrifices (war against bacon)

One of my goals is to reach less than 10% body fat. I estimate that I’m around 15% now given all the running and exercise I already do.

I’ve always eaten well, and my meal plans are mostly lean and balanced, so rather than adopt a boring, bland, tasteless diet to achieve this goal, I’ve decided to make sacrifices. One sacrifice I made ages ago was removing crisps and butter from my diet. Recently, I’ve also removed sugary and diet fizzy drinks, as well as sausages and bacon (I’ll miss the last two very much!).

Sacrifice something you can live without, not something that you love, enjoy or feel you need. You can always have these foods again as treats or rewards in the future!

WOD #1 (18/7/17)


  1. Eccentric negative pull ups: (4 X 6 (5 second descent)) with dragon flies (6 X 3) as recovery.
  2. Tricep superset: 4 X (30 X Two handed bodyweight bench dips, straight into 20 X 10kg dumbbell lying single arm side skull-crushers) (near full recovery between sets).
  3. Calf burn up: 2 X (alternative right single leg calf raises, two footed calf raises, left single leg calf raises) (no recovery between legs, each set to failure, near full recovery between sets)


Eccentric (or negative) reps focus on the ‘down’ part of the exercise, which can be just as difficult and gain effective. Dragon flags were listed by Ross Edgely (CEO of TheProteinWorks) as one of the heaviest hitting ab exercises. I’ve started incorporating both of these into my workouts and I’m noticing differences immediately.

My tricep superset was surprising tiring given that it’s mostly low weight stuff. Note: the dumbbell exercise here is essentially single arm skull crushes, with elbows pointing outwards rather than towards feet.

The calf burn up is of my own invention. Each set is to failure. The focus should be on the right and left single leg calf raises. The two leg calf raises should be seen as an interval / recovery. Within each set, you go until you can’t do anymore, alternating legs when tired. Take a long rest, then repeat. The lactic build up is pretty bad as time under tension is high and recovery is low. The good thing is, you can do this anywhere!

Correct form for negative pull ups:

Correct form for dragon flags:




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